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3 Ways to Reuse Your Old Candles

Do you ever walk into a fancy furniture store to find out that the only item you can afford is the overpriced candle that you cannot live without? Okay so, you spend $65 on a candle called, Sandalwood SoHo, and you have a luxurious 2 weeks (does anyone else burn through candles as fast as I do?) together. Looks expensive on the counter, friends ask where you bought it and you find yourself just staring at it wondering how you stumbled upon such a sexy find. But now it’s at the end of the wick, left with the sad crusty wax, soot everywhere and that weird metal thing at the bottom. Now what?

We couldn’t bring ourselves to throw away these candles. First off, the glassware alone is stunning and chic…plus we spent over $65. We’re ride or die when it comes to our candles and decided to stick with this journey of DIY. Here are a few ideas of how to repurpose your fabulous candle holders (? what is this shit called?)

Fist off, you need to clean that bitch out. Here’s how to properly clean out your candle:

  1. Pop that candle into the freezer and let it sit overnight. The freezing temperature will shrink the wax (science!) and you’ll be able to easily take out the remaining wax the next day. Miss Frizzle is shaking.

  1. Once you get all the wax out, it’s time to clean! Let the jar soak in soapy water for 20 minutes. This will help get the remaining wax and soot off and voila!

Using candle jars as drinkware glasses is the move. Especially if you have a favorite candle you always gravitate to! You’ll have a set in no time. Use that cool glassware on your bar cart, open shelves or tuck them away in your cabinet. Literally wherever you want. It’ll look chic either way.

I personally use an old Diptyque candle jar to hold my toothbrush and toothpaste. I LOVE it because it’s my favorite scent and the label looks so chic. You really can’t go wrong here. Any candle glassware you use will feel special because it’s your taste! Definitely go outside the box and use it for other bathroom essentials like q-tips, cotton balls, makeup brushes...the options are endless!

Go with me on this but, you can totally use a candle jar as a candy dish. If you don’t have one in your home, I highly recommend it. Friends always comment on the jolly ranchers I have out! ANYWAYS, think about how cute your favorite candle would look holding candy? Ummm, we love it!!

- Victoria

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