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PLAYLIST ASSIST: February 1st, 2021

Because there is no worse feeling than waking up on a Monday morning and realizing, "oh no, I need to be a person today," — I try to find ways to make that day full of meetings, errands and everything in between a little less miserable. And what helps with that besides iced coffee? Music, baby! GET excited because every Monday we'll be breaking down five songs that made the past week a little more bearable. Check it out!

Song to Hop Out of Bed To

I may have a roach infested Nespresso machine (yes, I know) and a 9:30am meeting with my boss to talk about assignments I don't remotely understand, BUT I swear this song can really turn a day around.

To Celebrate When It Actually Becomes Friday

Does anything make you want to move your body more than the words 'Diplo,' 'Ellie Goulding,' and 'Mark Ronson'? I don't think so. And not just because they're all super hot and make me want to try to do jumping jacks, but also cause they have a disease where they can only create bops. Like this one.

To Take Me Back to When Blackberrys Were A Thing

Some days, there is nothing like a little nostalgia to boost personal morale. And what is more nostalgic than Lauren Conrad. No one made Blackberrys look cooler than the cast from, The Hills. I mean, imagine yourself up in Les Deux, fighting over a party your parents are paying for.

Play in the bath to pretend i’m in a movie

For all you Cruel Intentions fans out there. If you want to have an emo moment in the bathtub but make it chic...this song is it. Light those candles and get that glass of pinot cause honey, it is time to FEEEEEL. Wow and it is also time to remember just how hot that movie was.

Listen to Act Cooler Than I Am

I'm constantly debating if I need to be friends with SZA because she is so cool or if I should never meet her because she is truly too cool for me. Luckily, this doesn't matter because a) how can you meet new people in a pandemic and b) she doesn't have to know me for me to listen to her songs on repeat — like this one.

Now it's time to play these on REPEAT! Let us know obv what your anthem of the week has been too.

— Danny & Victoria

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